Fertilization and Spray Service

Fertilizing is one of the most important elements to achieving and keeping a green and weed free lawn. A dense healthy lawn will not only look more appealing but also help protect your lawn from insects and weed activity.  One application is good, but five applications is best and we will guarantee a weed free lawn with our full program.  Your grass has different needs at different times of the season spring through fall. This is why five applications is best.

1st app: liquid fertilizer, pre-emergent, and broadleaf control

2nd app: Fertilizer, broadleaf control

3rd app: Fertilizer, nutsedge broadleaf and grassy weeds control

4th app: Fertilizer, broadleaf control

5th app: Micro nutrient slow release fall fertilization 

-Licensed applicators
-Lawn and plant fertilization
-Insecticide and dormant oil spraying
-Spider barrier spray
-Weed pre-emergent
-Soil sterilant applications